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Hair loss is not easy for a woman to talk about. If you’re experiencing hair loss, I want you to know; you are not alone and there is so much you can do! This blog shares scientifically-proven natural methods to reverse female hair loss.

As a health coach, I teach a holistic method of healing that depends on (1) understanding the root cause of hair loss and the (2) increasing nutrient circulation to the hair follicle. I support my clients through diet, lifestyle and mindset changes that lead us back to the powerful and beautiful woman resting inside. 

My Hair Story

At 23 I noticed my hair was thinning. I timidly shared my fears with a naturopath, she ordered labs to test my hormone levels and check for nutritional deficiencies. All results came back within normal range. She couldn’t explain why this was happening while I started to pretend that it wasn’t happening at all! I used henna on a regular basis to give the perception of full hair.

I decided to visit a dermatologist, hoping that a specialist would be able to help me. The doctor was totally insensitive and did not address the underlying cause of my hair loss. She recommended I take pharmaceutical drugs to modify my hormones. These drugs come with harmful side effects and would only temporarily cover up the problem! I decided to start my own research into natural remedies.

I searched for natural remedies that would genuinely help me regrow hair. The internet is full of misinformation on the topic of hair loss so I turned to scientific articles for REAL solutions. Over the years, I have found so many natural ways to reverse female hair loss and I’ve met so many women who are now happy with their hair!

I created Grow Back Girl to share what I have learned and support other women so we can heal together. I saw noticeable improvement in the quality and density of my hair after creating a self care routine that includes stress release, diet, exercise, herbs and supplements. I look forward to supporting your journey!

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