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Liver: An Unmatched Hair Growth Superfood

Liver: the Unmatched Hair Growth Superfood I discovered my love of liver as an exchange student in Finland (Hyvä Soumi!).  All Finnish students enjoy freshly prepared (and free) meals at school everyday. One day we were served an especially tasty casserole at lunch– I had to ask, “What is this?” The response was maksalaatiko, but

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Book Review: Period Repair Manual

Book Review: Period Repair Manual My all-time favorite women’s health book is Dr. Lara Briden’s, Period Repair Manual: Natural Treatments for Better Hormones and Better Periods. Briden is a naturopathic doctor educated in British Columbia and practicing in Australia. This easy to follow guide taught me how to nourish the interconnecting systems that contribute to

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Acupuncture for Hair Growth

Acupuncture: the Best Hair Loss Treatment I spent several years searching for an explanation for my hair loss. I went from naturopath to naturopath and eventually landed in the office of a cold and abrasive dermatologist. The doctor spent all of 5 minutes evaluating me then bluntly confirmed, “Your hair is falling out.” She didn’t

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Formaldehyde-Releasing Agents

Check your Products for these Ingredients! There is a class action lawsuit against Tresemmé claiming “DMDM Hydantion” triggered hair loss in several hundred women! DMDM Hydantion prevents microbial growth in products like shampoo, conditioner, mousse, hair spray and other cosmetics. I’m all for preventing microbial growth, but not at the expense of hair growth! This potentially

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Thick Hair Magic: Top 5 Thin-to-Thick Hair Tricks

Thick Hair Magic: Top 5 Thin-to-Thick Hair Tricks There isn’t a magic pill for hair growth. Natural hair growth comes down to diligent diet, digestion, and stress reduction routines. If you learn to undertake these routines with love and respect for your body and transform the manic-panic of hair loss into a conscious identity shift,

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Guide to Hair Growth Supplements: Best Multivitamin for Hair Loss

Guide to Hair Growth Supplements: Best Multivitamin For Hair Loss If you’re using natural methods to heal from hair loss, I want you to know; the path ahead is essentially an exercise in self love. You will not find a magic pill for hair growth, because healthy hair is a natural extension of balanced inner

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