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Stop hair loss, increase natural hair growth and feel confident. Everything you need to know is in the Guide to Hair Growth!

My Story

I started this journey afraid, frustrated, and isolated. 

When I first noticed hair loss, I was afraid there was something seriously wrong with my body, so I went to several doctors. Doctors offices were frustrating and disheartening. No one could explain the cause of my hair loss and no one offered a solution! For awhile, I thought there was nothing I could do…

I didn’t feel like myself anymore, I was very self-conscious and started avoiding social situations.

Doctors weren’t very helpful, but I knew there was more to the story so I took matters into my own hands. I started reading medical journals and researching the roots of holistic medicine. I talked to naturopaths, acupuncturists and Ayurvedic doctors. I was on a mission to understand the connections between health and hair growth. 

What I discovered changed my life, dramatically improved my health and reversed hair loss! 

My hair grew back after I adjusted my diet and lifestyle!

Holistic hair growth is all about addressing the root cause of hair loss. I understand hair loss is the body’s way of asking for balance and nourishment. Our bodies, akin to nature, are always seeking balance.

Before: I was too worried about hair loss to even brush my hair!

After: My hair is thicker, healthier and I don’t worry about hair loss.

It frustrates and saddens me that hair loss is left untreated in so many women around the world. Many of us are feeling powerless and out-of-control, when there’s so much we can do to nourish and support hair growth!

Everything I do and everything I’ve learned is carefully organized in the Guide to Hair Growth. It’s a template for health and vitality that nourishes body and soul.

Holistic Hair Health

The Guide covers everything you need to know to increase natural hair growth.


Stop worrying about hair loss, free yourself from the vicious cycle, activate tissue regeneration by entering the parasympathetic state


Macro and micronutrients, hair growth superfoods, optimizing digestion and absorption, foods for healthy and balanced hormones


My exact supplement routine designed to increase nutrient circulation to the hair follicle

Key Lessons

Hair growth is a reflection of your internal health

Change in our hair is a message from the body: pay attention! Hair loss is a systemic issue- we must treat the physical body and the emotional body as an integrated system.  

Optimize diet & lifestyle to support hair growth

There are many factors that lead to hair loss, and there’s always a way to increase natural hair growth. The Guide to Hair Growth applies the science of natural hair growth with simple daily habits.

selective supplementation

There isn’t a magic pill for hair growth. Don’t waste your money on supplements without addressing the root cause! Certain supplements can amplify the positive effects of diet and stress management, but most supplements aren’t worth your time.

Stop worrying about hair loss,
Restore balance to your body, &
Increase nutrient circulation to you hair with simple changes to your diet and lifestyle.
Take action to increase hair growth today!

Table of Contents


  1. It’s more than just hair!
  2. What your doctor might not know


  1. Macro & Micronutrients
  2. Hair growth super foods
  3. Super charge digestion & absorption
  4. Food for balance and repair


  1. Emotion and the vicious cycle
  2. Soothe and nourish the nervous system
  3. Promote tissue regeneration
  4. Regulate the stress response
  5. The sweet nectar of loving this life


  1. Connections between hair and hormones
  2. Balance the endocrine system by managing top tier hormones
  3. Testosterone, progesterone, insulin and oxytocin
  4. Secrets of a daily routine

Herbs & supplements:

  1. Watch out for this!
  2. My supplement routine
  3. Chinese & Ayurvedic herbs
  4. Western herbs


  1. It’s all connected
  2. The source of Beauty


"This guide contains excellent insight into the connections between health and hair! As a Registered Dietitian I need to see the science before I dive into a new routine and this guide delivered. It's saved me a lot of time by sharing the most direct routine to healthy hair. THANK YOU!"

Vanessa Lord, RDN

"I learned so much about how to maintain whole body health and nourish my hair from the inside out. I was feeling hopeless about hair growth, but I get it now!"

Joni Redmond, MA

"I made a few simple changes to my diet, updated my supplement routine, and I'm starting to see results! I'm so relieved. I no longer worry about hair loss and my confidence is returning!"

Katherine Parker

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