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Last Updated: September 23, 2023

Do hair growth shampoos really work? Yes, they can! Finding the right hair growth shampoo can help you reverse female hair loss and regrow hair. You probably wash your hair with shampoo on a regular basis – so if you want to take action right now, start by switching to a hair growth shampoo.

Who Makes the Best Hair Growth Shampoo?

There are a lot of shampoos that claim to promote hair growth without any scientific proof.  The best hair growth shampoos contain the active ingredient Ketoconazole, proven to remove DHT – which allows healthy hair to grow.  After extensive research, I’ve determined the top 3 best hair growth shampoos:

  • Regenepure
  • Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Hair Loss Shampoo
  • Pura D’Or Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo

Be sure to read the directions before getting into the shower to do your thing. These hair growth shampoos usually take 3-5 minutes to achieve maximum results.

ProTip: Rinse with cool water to maintain moisture and keep your hair strong!

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Ketoconazole Shampoos for Hair Growth

Look for a hair growth shampoo with the active ingredient ketoconazole. It sounds like a delicious Latin soup, but ketoconazole is actually is an anti-androgen that counteracts DHT on your scalp. Without the follicle-shrinking effects of DHT, you can reverse hair loss and allow your scalp to start regrowing full, healthy hair.

Hair Loss Shampoo for Androgenic Alopecia

Reversing hair loss is an urgent priority for many women. If you want to do something right now that will help stop thinning hair and promote hair growth, I recommend scalp massages and oil treatments in along with one of the above shampoos. Making the switch to a hair growth shampoo is a simple way to start addressing your hair loss right now.

A little science for ya: Our bodies metabolize testosterone into dihyrotestosterone (DHT). DHT plays a major role in hair loss. This potent hormone shrinks your hair follicles, reducing hair density and making it harder for hair to grow. The hair loss shampoos I recommend above have active ingredients that help remove DHT at the scalp. You can also work to reduce your testosterone levels with a daily dose of spearmint tea.

Ketoconazole shampoos are especially helpful for women experiencing hair loss originating from testosterone sensitivity or excessive androgens, aka androgenic alopecia. Androgenic alopecia is a common form of female hair loss that’s often related to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Just a word of caution, ketoconazole can be drying so use a parabin free conditionerafter shampooing. If you really want to give your hair some love, give your scalp an oil massage before the showering.

ProTip: Add these essential oils to your shampoo and conditioner for an extra growth-stimulating effect!

>>How has your hair care routine changed since you noticed thinning hair? What’s working for you? Let’s chat in the comment section below!

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    • Hi Michelle,
      Thank you for commenting! I did some research and unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a ketoconazole shampoo that doesn’t come with a bunch of chemicals and dyes. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

      I’m currently using a HiBar volumize (sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, & silicon-free), but it’s not a ketoconazole shampoo. I’m sure topicals can positively influence DHT levels, but overall I’ve found more success relying on diet and supplements to support hair health. Believe it or not, quitting sugar is one of the best was to balance your hormones! Eating sweets (including fruit) raises insulin levels which effects all of the other hormones in our bodies. For example, did you know that your ovaries will start to produce testosterone instead of estrogen if your body is constantly flooded with insulin? If you’d like to learn more check out Dr. Lara Briden’s “How to Fix Your Period.”

      Reach out via the contact form if you’d like more specialized support!


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