Hair Growth Tea

Hair Growth Tea If only regrowing your hair was as easy as sitting down with a cup of tea… While the solution to hair loss comes in many forms (including diet, exercise, and stress management) a common herb can be used to brew a hair growth tea! A recent study showed how adding spearmint tea … Read more

Vitex for Hair Growth: Yes & No

Vitex For Hair Growth: Yes & No Vitex (chasteberry) is a traditional herb known for menstrual regulation. It’s tempting to turn to chasteberry if your hair loss is related to irregular periods, but it’s actually more important to figure out why your periods are irregular in the first place. Chasteberry, or vitex, has been used … Read more

Gelatinized Maca for Hair Growth

adaptogens for hair growth

Gelatinized Maca For Hair Growth Maca Root, an ancient crop grown in the Andes Mountains that has become popular among women searching for supplements for hair growth. Gelatinized maca root has been clinically shown to improve healthy hormonal balance in our bodies in a way that can help reverse female hair loss. Stress Leads to … Read more

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